The map files were the second portion on the ARG's content being linked to from both a Hex string in the Clip095.mp4 YouTube video and from a response sent from the provided email address.

foundonthetape_1.BSP[Download link -]Edit

foundonthetape_1.bsp is a map file in which the player's view is tied to a designated spot while a "Shepard Tone" plays in the background. However upon disabling the view controller and exiting the room a loud screeching sound plays with the face from clip 94 is displayed on screen. If the game is Half Life 2 The game crash. If the game is Gmod, the screeching sound will loop and the image of the face from clip 94 will stay there. the only way out of this is to exit the server.

Playing map with view controlledEdit


Playing map with view control disabled and exitingEdit

[1] (Embed deleted here due to technical difficulties, also this video showcases a screamer that is part of the map, please turn your volume down to avoid a massive heart attack.)

foundonthetape_2.BSP[Download link -]Edit

foundonthetape_2.bsp is a map in which the player is in a maze of ventilation shafts, the level has two endings, one in which the player falls down a vent while an ghostly, earraping aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA- sound plays. When the player hits the bottom, a falling damage sound plays and the screen goes white while a peaceful drone sound plays. In Night Mind's foundonthetape video he says that death was the solution for the players trapped in the vents, This is the "real" or "good" ending to the map. In the other ending the player is attacked by Charple and the sever crashes. This is the bad ending. (NOTE: THIS NEXT SECTION IS SPECULATION, IT IS NOT PROVEN TO BE TRUE) It is possible that the light that emits from the players eyes during the map is actually a camera and when the player is attacked by Charple its possible that Charple destroys the players camera, which crashes the game. This means that its like a found footage video. and your playing as the person recording. (END OF SPECULATION)

Attack/Bad endingEdit


Death/Better Ending[skip to 2:00]Edit


foundonthetape_3.BSP[Download Link -]Edit

Map 3 is very similar to map 2 in that you have to navigate through tunnels and such. The map ends almost the same as map 2 ends, with the player falling down a vent while the aaaaaaaAAAAAAAA- sound plays however, the game crashes before the player hits the bottom. This map was given to the first 10 emails to saying TAPEONTHE.


foundonthetape_4.BSP [Download Link -]Edit

The YouTube user foundonthetape posted the following message:


When run through a binary-to-text translator, the link to the fourth map was obtained.

An audio file called radionoise1.wav was also found. It contained morse code that translates to this disturbing message: "NOWAYOUT.NOESCAPE.FORSOLONG.SENDHELP.DONTFOLLOWTHENOISE.NOESCAPE."

The Attack ending happens when you get to the 3rd floor and Armless chases the player and trap them, then Armless crashes the game

The "Escape" ending of foundondonthetape_4.bsp:Edit


The "Attack" ending of foundonthetape_4.bsp:Edit