During the ARG some red herrings (fake) posts, claims, or videos have been posted.

The red herrings include:

  • Yatterman's twitter "foundonthetape"
  • Yatterman being the uploader of the videos, etc.
    Red herring

    a "Red Herring".

  • DouglasKMarx's YouTube channel.
  • The picture of a receipt with a piece of metal (a transistor probably) on the left. (Which was made by Yatterman).
  • Anything related to [1] or AAI, which an ARG hosted by Konzortium and developed by an independent ARG team.
  • Anything related to the Spine Network. (Dougley's ARG)
  • The 11-20 candidates and the emails sent by (fake) on August 13th.
  • A person has been joining the Valve ARG wiki IRC and the Found on the Tape steam group chat and posting gibberish. Decoding the gibberish leaded to a map link. The map was foundonthetape_3.bsp. This is FAKE.