The email address [] was found through decoding a Hex/ASCII string found in the bulletin:

'Hey you, any source outside of or not referenced by the foundonthetape youtube channel is not affiliated with us, including any twitter channels or external informati666f756e646­f6e74686574617065406­76d61696c2e636f6d206­56d61696c2031302e376­d62"

This decoded to the email address listed which auto-respond with the link to the foundonthetapes_2 map file.

The email address is now not auto responding anymore!

As of 2:09 [central time] 7/26/2011 the email address still auto responded with this message:

"Subject: im stuck im st

Body: uck im stuck im stuck im stuck im stuck

(MegaUpload died long ago, so don't expect this to work.)"

The link in the email leads to a download of the second Map file.